“Helga’s turned my small budget into a beautiful wedding banquet!”

Laura Phelps

“The rehearsal party and reception were better than I'd ever dreamed! Helga's made everything so memorable ... and easy!”

Lisa Magliato

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Bride’s Delight

Menu $31.25
per person

Waiters to greet guests with silver trays of your champagne, mimosas, white wine and Perrier with lime. Bar to be set up offering your champagne, mimosas, white wine and Perrier with lime.

Hors d’oeuvres to be passed on silver trays including:

  • Steamed shrimp served on a bed of fresh seaweed with cocktail sauce and lemon
  • Grilled Cajun duck bits served with Creole sauce
  • Hibachi beef kebabs
  • Phyllo triangles with feta and sun-dried tomatoes baked to perfection

Cocktail buffet to be set up featuring:

  • Whole poached salmon elegantly garnished with lemon scales and caviar, served with cucumber-dill sauce and cascading French baguettes
  • Grilled Thai chicken kebabs with spicy Thai peanut dipping sauce
  • Crabmeat Charissa: hot crabmeat spread with artichoke hearts and parmesan served with cascading French baguettes
  • Miniature Beef Wellington with bernaise sauce
  • A fresh fruit and cheese display with an array of imported and domestic cheese and gourmet crackers garnished with fresh strawberries and grapes

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