“Helga’s turned my small budget into a beautiful wedding banquet!”

Laura Phelps

“Thank you! My mother was thrilled with everything you all did for her party. The wonderful menu was delicious and received rave reviews.”

E. P., McLean, VA

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Taco Salad
Mexican Spiced Beef and Rice, Shredded Lettuce, Chopped Tomatoes, Grated Longhorn Cheddar Cheese
Garnished with Avocado and Taco Chips
Roll and Butter

Chicken Ursula
Strips of Boneless Chicken Tossed in Mustard Caper Sauce and Topped with Tonnato Sauce
Served with Carrot Salad in Lemon Dressing
Roll and Butter

Red-Skinned Potato Salad
New Potatoes Tossed in Curry Dressing with Crabmeat
Bran Muffin with Sweet Butter
Fresh Fruit and Cookies

Avocado Half, Filled with Smoked Whitefish Salad
Marinated Vegetable Salad
Roll and Butter

Oriental Pasta Salad
Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken or Beef, Pea Pods, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, and Spring Onions in Vinaigrette Laced with Fresh Garlic and Ginger
Roll and Butter

Quail Salad
Grilled Boneless Quail Served on a Bed of Assorted Greens, Tomatoes, and Enoki Mushrooms with Spicy Peanut Dressing
Oriental Pasta Salad
Miniature Croissant and Butter

Orange Duck Salad
Grilled Breast of Duck
Wild Rice Salad with Orange Sections and Vegetables Tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette
Fresh Fruit and Cheese Kebab
Large Blueberry Muffin with Butter


Norwegian Salmon
Fresh Poached Fillet of Salmon
Served Room Temperature with Cucumber Dill Sauce
Red-skinned Potato Salad with Curry Dressing
Fresh String Beans in Vinaigrette
Fresh Fruit and Cheese Kebab
Miniature Croissant and Butter

Chicken Breast Teriyaki
Grilled Smoked Breast of Chicken Marinated in Teriyaki Sauce
Oriental Pasta Salad with Grated Carrots, Red and Green Peppers, Spring Onions and Pea Pods in Vinaigrette Laced with Fresh Garlic and Ginger
Avocado Salad with Tomatoes, Shrimp and Bermuda Onions
Rolls and Butter

Veal Florentine
Veal Scallopini Topped with Spinach and Mushrooms Wrapped in Phyllo
Served with Sauce Hollandaise
Pasta Pesto
Tomato Cup Filled with Caponata
Sesame Breadsticks

Succulent Beef Tenderloin Served Room Temperature with Sauce Bernaise
Orzo Shrimp Salad Tossed in Red Wine Vinegar and Cognac Dressing
Spinach and Mushroom Strudel with Sauce Hollandaise
Ripe Brie with Fresh Fruit and Crackers
Rolls and Butter


Lentil – $4.50
Black Bean – $4.50
Cream of Broccoli – $4.50
Minestrone – $4.50
Oriental Beef and Noodle – $5.00
Serbian Bean – $4.50
Saffron Mussel – $4.50
Hungarian Goulasch – $5.50
Frog Leg – $6.50
Crab Bisque – $6.50

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Carrot – $4.50
Pea with Sherry – $4.50
Vichyssoise – $4.75
Cucumber Mint – $4.75
Strawberry with Red Wine – $4.50
Gazpacho – $4.50


Assorted Homemade Cookies – $2.75
Homemade Brownies – $2.75
Meringue Shell with Chocolate French Silk – $5.00
Carrot Cake – $4.50
Oriental Orange with Grand Marnier – $4.75
Bonaparte Pastry Basket with Amaretto Cream – $5.25
Grand Marnier Chocolate Cake – $5.25
Apple Strudel – $4.75
Strawberry Shortcake – $5.25
Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake – $5.25
Raspberry Mousse Cake – $5.25
Black Forest Cake – $5.25
White Chocolate Mousse Cake – $5.25

The Dessert Tray: Assorted Eclairs, Napoleons and Fruit Tarts – $5.00


Coffee – $2.00
Iced Tea – $1.50*
Soft Drinks – $1.50*
Perrier – $1.50*

*Includes a small bag of ice

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Alfalfa Sprouts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Grated Longhorn Cheddar Cheese and Herb Dressing in Pita Bread. Topped with Ripe Avocado

Tuna Croissant
Freshly Baked Croissant Filled with Smoked Tuna Salad, Alfalfa Sprouts, and Tomato

Smoked Breast of Turkey with Watercress, Lettuce, Mango Chutney and Mayonnaise on French Bread

Roasted Boneless Porkloin Stuffed with Plums Spread with Mustard Caper Sauce and Ginger Plum Sauce on French Bread

Marinated Flank Steak, Grilled and Served at Room Temperature, with Bean Sprouts and Lettuce on Pita Bread

Rare Roast Beef on French Bread Spread with Horseradish Sauce and Topped with Ripe Brie Cheese

Deli Platter
A variety of roast beef, ham and smoked breast of turkey accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, Dijon mustards and a variety of rolls. Includes two side dishes – $10.25 per person

Orders are accompanied by two side dishes of your choice:

  • Marinated Vegetable Salad
  • Carrot Salad in Lemon Dressing
  • Black Bean Salad
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Confetti Salad
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cherry Tomato Salad
  • Red Cabbage Salad
  • Cucumbers in Sour Cream with Dill
  • Bean Sprout Salad
  • German Potato Salad
  • Fresh Garden Salad
  • Pasta Pesto Salad
  • Pasta Primavera Salad
  • Sesame Noodles
  • Chips

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Chicken con Crema
Roasted chicken simmered with peppers, onions, tomatoes
Green bean salad with radish, tomatoes and red onions tossed with fresh cilantro in lemon dressing
Rolls and Butter
$12.95 per person

Carne Asada
Tender strips of beef stewed with tomatoes, onions and paprika
Refried Beans
Green salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and radish tossed with fresh cilantro and lemon
Rolls and Butter
$13.50 per person

Franco’s Lasagna
Layers of zesty tomato sauce and pasta with ground beef, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses,
Caesar salad
Focaccia bread
$12.95 per person

Jerk Chicken
Grilled chicken simmered in authentic jerk marinade
Rice pilaf with peas
Fried Plantains
Rolls and Butter
$12.95 per person

Mango Chicken
Grilled breast of chicken topped with pineapple and mango sauce
Couscous salad with mango, papaya and raisins
Rolls and Butter
$12.95 per person

Jack Daniels Sirloin Steak
Tender sirloin marinated in a flavorful Kentucky Bourbon sauce
Baked sweet potatoes
Tossed garden salad
Corn Bread and Butter
$17.95 per person

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Pasta Primavera
Spring Vegetables Cooked in Cream Sauce with Fresh Basil and Dill Tossed with Rotini Pasta
Mimosa Salad of Romaine Lettuce with Fresh Mushrooms, Chopped Eggs and Cherry Tomatoes Tossed in Mustard Egg Vinaigrette
Rolls and Butter

Hungarian Goulasch Soup
Rich Chunks of Beef Stewed with Hungarian Paprika, Onions, Caraway, Potatoes and Carrots
Red Cabbage Salad with Apples and Onions
Rolls and Butter

Cajun Biscuit
Mississippi Chicken Tenders
Accompanied by Large Biscuits with Sauce Remoulade
Black Bean Salad with Peppers, Corn and Cilantro

Curried Chicken Crepes
Delicate Crepes Rolled with Boneless Chicken, Apples, and Onions Simmered in Indian Curry
Couscous Salad with Fresh Fruit
Mango Chutney
Rolls and Butter

Chicken Florentine
Boneless Breast of Chicken Stuffed with Spinach Souffle Served with Fresh Tomato-Basil Sauce
Orzo with Peas
Fresh Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cherry Tomatoes, and Spring Onions Tossed in Ranch Dressing
Sesame Breadsticks

Blackened Pollack
Fillet of Pollack Blackened New Orleans Style
Cajun Rice
Vegetable Medley Creole
Cornbread and Butter

Italian Beef Rolls
Thinly Sliced Beef Stuffed with Mozarella
Served with Marinara Sauce Under a Bed of Assorted Spinach, Egg and Tomato Rotini Pasta
Fresh Garden Salad with Italian Vinaigrette
Rolls and Butter

Hungarian Goulasch
Rich Chunks of Beef Stewed with Hungarian Paprika, Onions and Caraway, Served with Homemade Spaetzle,
Red Cabbage with Bacon, Apples and Onions
Cucumbers in Sour Cream with Dill
Rolls and Butter

Stir Fried Beef Chinois
Strips of Marinated Flank Steak Stir Fried with Vegetables in Hoisin Oyster Sauce Laced with Fresh Ginger and Garlic
Steamed Rice
Bean Sprout Salad

Salmon André
Assorted Spinach, Egg and Tomato Rotini Tossed with Fresh Poached Norwegian Salmon in Cream Sauce with Fresh Dill
Confetti Salad
Rolls and Butter

Studded Pork Loin
Roasted Boneless Pork Loin with Pistachio Nuts topped with Fruity Cumberland Sauce
Rosti-fried Swiss Potatoes
Champagne Cabbage
Rolls and Butter

Beef Roulade
Thinly Sliced Beef Rolled with Pickles, Onions and Bacon
Served with Bread Dumplings
Medley of Julienne Vegetables
Herring Salad with Potatoes and Beets
Rolls and Butter

Wiener Schnitzel
Veal Scallops Lightly Breaded and Sauteed
Served with Homemade German Potato Salad
Broccoli Puree Laced with Pernod in Tomato Cup
Rolls and Butter

Quail Alexandra
Boneless Quail Stuffed with Orzo Florentine Served with Madeira Sauce
Fresh String Beans with Water Chestnuts
Carrot Salad in Lemon Dressing
Rolls and Butter

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